Pepère Villeneuve

Rose (Comtois) et Alphonse Villeneuve Today is the birthday of Alphonse Villeneuve (dit Amyot), the man who became our third grandfather. He married my maternal grandmother a few years after my grandfather Comtois died in 1915. My family always referred to him as Pepère Villeneuve. This is the only picture of him, with my grandmother, probably taken at their wedding. They both lived with my family until their death, my grandmother in 1947 and Pepère Villeneuve in 1960. I was 10 and he was 95.

Pepère Villeuve was the most influential person in my life, after my father. He was everything I was not and everything I wanted to be. He was blessed with remarkable health, strength, piety and character, the likes of which are beyond the reach of men of this day. In 1978, I wrote a piece in his honour, simply called “Pepère Villeneuve”, but I was only able to record it in 2004 on my CD “From Stone.” Here is the piece. Thank you, Pepère.

Pepère Villeneuve

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