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Gillian Welch’s “Orphan Girl”

The United States as a country was populated mostly by immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland and West Africa. All these different cultures had their own music and their own preferred instruments. Their diverse music changed as it was handed down through generations and, as these different ethnic groups intermingled, they produced a hybrid music now commonly known as Folk, Bluegrass, Cajun, Blues and Old-Time Music. The only thing these styles have in common is that they are all played on non-electric instruments.

When I was a teenager, I came to acoustic music through Bob Dylan and was quickly captivated by the Celtic music of guitarists like Bert Jansch (1943-2011). One of the most satisfying occurrences of my life is to witness the vitality that has been injected into acoustic music by some excellent young musicians, and the great respect for tradition that their new music exemplifies. Gillian Welch is one such musician.

Through her parents, Gillian Welch was introduced to the music of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and the Carter Family. She wrote “Orphan Girl”, a song of faith and family, as part of her first album, “Revival.” Her sparse nd dark compositions, accompanied by the outstanding guitarist Dave Rawlings, put her at the forefront of contemporary acoustic music.

Richard and Melanie

On this arrangement of “Orphan Girl”, I take great pleasure in introducing the exciting new singing voice of Melanie Phipps. Melanie lives with her family in the La Pêche area of Québec. Like myself, her earliest recollections of music came from her mother, who sang to herself while she worked. Music was a part of family gatherings growing up and she later joined a number of choirs in Montreal, Ottawa, Chelsea and Wakefield. Melanie is well know in some of the Wakefield clubs, where she occasionally sings. She plays the ukulele and has also started writing a few songs so I look forward to more collaborations with Melanie in the not too distant future.

Melanie Phipps – vocal
Richard Séguin – acoustic guitar, mandolin

Orphan Girl

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