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B3 Project – John Scofield’s "Best Western"


Guitarist John Scofield, recognized as one of the world’s best musicians and revered for his wonderful mix of jazz and R&B, is also an excellent composer. I saw him in concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival with the late Jim Hall, a cited influence on Scofield, especially in Hall’s capacity to constantly reinvent himself throughout his career. Scofield is also a “rolling stone which gathers no moss” and is always bringing us into new territory.

His composition “Best Western” (after the hotel chain) is taken from one of his earliest CDs, 1984’s “Electric Outlet”, and really captures the lonely and antiseptic atmosphere of a touring musician. My version follows the original (approximately!) but I couldn’t resist a wink at Marvin Gaye around the 3rd minute. Let yourself slip into the comforts of John Scofield’s “Best Western.”

Best Western

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