Rumours in the Barnyard


Manu (Jean-Emmanuel Allard) and his magic pens give us an exceptional album cover, with lots of surprises inside. Two friends, Roch Tassé and Pierre Lemay, add percussion and the arrival of luthier Marc Beneteau to Ottawa gives me the chance to record with an inspired guitarist. The pieces travel between two opposites, from the peace of Breath and Tenderness to the frenetic motion of Vortex and One Way. I met my wife Hilde, who comes from Norway, twenty-five years after writing Northern Flower. Early This Morning is the first of my numerous pieces about the joys of nature.

Music and arrangements, guitar and banjo: Richard A. Séguin

Additional guitars: Marc Bénéteau

Shakers, cow bells and sandpaper: Roch Tassé et Pierre Lemay

Technical team CEO: Jean Laporte
Recording: Bernie Choquette
Production: Cinésources 10
Distribution: Centre La Ste-Famille
Recorded at Whirlwind Sound and Marc Studios, Ottawa
Illustrations: Jean-Emmanuel Allard

1. Umbrella
2. The Last Ones to Leave
3. Vortex
4. Breath
5. When I Was Small
6. The Presence
7. Rumours in the Barnyard

8. Acoustic Shoc
9. Stage Fright
10. Morpheus
11. Northern Flower
12. Tenderness
13. One Way
14. Early This Morning

To get a copy of Rumours in the Barnyard, contact Pentafolio inc.