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Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs To Me”

When I was 15, living in a small untroubled rural Ontario town, I had to come to terms with the vast external world, full of strife, dissent and wars. I remember that I was so disoriented that I desperately searched for some kind of handhold to keep me from falling. That stabilizer came in the form of Bob Dylan’s 1965 classic album, “Bringing It All Back Home.” Ironically, there was nothing at all reassuring anywhere on this album.

“Bringing It All Back Home” is divided into two distinctly different sides. On side one of the original LP, Dylan is backed by electric instruments and drums —a move that alienated him from the folk music community. Likewise, on the acoustic second side of the album, he distanced himself from the protest songs with which he had become closely identified, as his lyrics became more and more abstract and personal. One such song is the enigmatic love song, “She Belongs To Me.” It describes a woman who clearly belongs to no one.

“She Belongs To Me” was subsequently released on several Dylan compilations and live albums. It was also the “B Side” of a 1965 single featuring “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Dylan plays “She Belongs To Me” at a brisk tempo, which I have considerately slowed down here. I have also given Alrick the leeway to express himself through his wonderful bass playing, including his moving solo.

Richard Séguin – voice, 12-string guitar, classical guitar
Alrick Huebener – upright bass

She Belongs To Me


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