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B3 Project – Flamenco Sketches

It’s impossible to believe that any artist today can change the course of contemporary music. The music industry simply controls the consumption of music, just like any other profitable commodity. But things were not always this way.

The course of contemporary music was certainly changed by The Beatles and Dylan, but Miles Davis did it twice! “Bitches Brew” (1970) redefined modern jazz and “Kind of Blue” (1959), from which this piece is taken, is generally recognized as Davis’ masterpiece and the greatest jazz album of all time. Although Davis is listed as the writer of all the compositions on the album, “Flamenco Sketches” (and “Blue in Green” for that matter) undoubtedly comes from the genius that was Bill Evans, Miles’ pianist at the time.

As with my previous recordings using the B3 Trio format (guitar, B3 organ, drums), this rendition of “Flamenco Sketches” shows my R&B roots. I even channel Deep Purple around the 4 minute mark! In the cascade of harmonics at the end of the piece, the more attentive ear will make out my little nod to “My Funny Valentine”, a Davis favourite throughout his career. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone (one day late).

Flamenco Sketches

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