First Fall

Première chute recto

We were young and proud franco-ontarians who insisted on doing everything their way. I head down to Montreal with my friend Jean-Pierre and we come back with a reel containing a sunny day bringing in Marius Labrèche’s hay (The Road to Marius’), the impendant loss of tradition and identity (The Fiddle in the Attic) and the mysteries of the night, the rain and the black. Girl From Canaan is a first reference to Prescott-Russell, a recurrent theme. The album becomes a community project, the sleeve produced by the the cultural centre La Ste-Famille, sold in a burlap bag silk-screened again by La Ste-Famille and sewn by the ladies of Rockland in their spare time.

Radio-Canada aired a segment on Rockland in 1976 as part of its superb series, «Villages et visages.» On it I play “First Fall, “The Wheel” and “Almost Piano.” Also, the National Film Board produced a documentary on the Embrun Fair of 1975 entitled «Viens-t’en danser.» I’m part of the artists featured on the documentary. You can also see Pierre Lemay, who would go on to play percussion on my second album, as well as Jean-Pierre Béland, who has always produced my music.

Music and guitar: Richard A. Séguin

Production: Cinésources 10
Distribution: Centre La Ste-Famille
Recording: Bobinason, Montréal
Photography: Jean-Pierre Béland
Graphic art: Alain Gratton

1. First FallPremière chute verso
2. When Night Comes
3. A Lasting Rain
4. By the Voice in the Air
5. The Fiddle in the Attic
6. The Road to Marius’
7. Girl From Canaan
8. Black
9. The Wheel
10. Almost Piano
11. The Decision is Taken


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