Between Two Hemispheres


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Seduction: – A tortured tango that turns into a blues, with a few riffs borrowed from Otis Rush.

The Trees Speak – Composed at my in-laws’ cottage (see Lomsjøstua below) where the sound of swaying trees is often the only sound you hear.

A Life in Eide – Eide is a VERY small community in the Lofoten Islands off the west coast of Norway, north of the arctic circle. We spent four days there in 2007 and I was very impressed by the people who choose to live their lives there, isolated and removed from the rest of the world.


Between Two Hemispheres – There is a bipolar character to this CD, of town and country, joy and sorrow, shadow and light.

Insomnia – Who hasn’t been there? A blues which borrows a riff from ‘Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk) made famous by Miles Davis.

Full Moon on Lake Nipissing – Whenever we can, we go back to Cache Bay on Lake Nipissing, where my mother’s parents raised their family and where my uncle Hector is buried (see Vita Brevis on my CD Thaw). One night, clouds and an enormous full moon were reflected in the mirror of Lake Nipissing – an unforgettable sight.

The Juneteenth Parade – Juneteenth is an American holiday whose roots are in the abolition of 1865. See

Day after Day – A piece I wrote during my last years at work, a particularly difficult period.

November – A busy month: Remembrance Day, my wife’s birthday, All-Saints Day, rain …

The Void – A sequel to my CD Thaw (Music From the Urban Void). I feel like I escaped from the city, rather than moving away.

Sigrid and Odd – A couple we met in our two trips to Norway. Sigrid (pronounced Sigri) is my father-in-law’s first cousin and Odd was a retired doctor. They live in the Bergen suburbs and are very welcoming and generous people. Odd passed away in 2008 and never had a chance to hear this piece.

Sigrid & Odd

Lomsjøstua – In Norwegian, it means “Cottage on Loon Lake.” My in-laws’ cottage was a refuge from the city, when we lived there. No TV, no computer, really unplugged. My in-laws sold the cottage in 2008 to buy a new house in Arnprior.


I Dreamed of Her as a Fish – A dream I had when I first met my wife. I was at the bottom of the sea, it was murky and I was lost and afraid. Far way, I began seeing a fine point of light, slowly getting closer and brighter. It was a luminous fish that danced and swirled, completely in its element, bringing light to the darkness. Pretty transparent in meaning, the dream told me what I already knew – I started writing again when I met my wife, after 16 years of silence.