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"Spring Water" on YouTube

“Spring Water”, my third album, is now available on YouTube in a series of videos. Recorded in 1978, “Spring Water” represents a highly productive period in my young career as a musician. At the time, it was also a big financial risk, which eventually came back to bite us! We weren’t able to sustain the production and promotion of a third album, especially a double album recorded entirely in the studio – in those analog days, recording 25 pieces in the studio was expensive! But, we have the music and it’s there forever. That the music is also freely available to everyone is even more satisfying since that was our goal all along.

I have to thank the musicians who helped me with this music: Marc Beneteau, Roch Tassé and Fred Priebe. Also, a big thanks to my brother Bob who followed us with his camera – otherwise,we wouldn’t have pictures of this era and the videos would be that much the poorer. And finally, of course, a special thanks to Jean-Pierre Béland of Pentafolio, for being there, always.

Here are the videos, in the order that the pieces are on the two albums.

First album

1. Harbinger

2. After the Rain

3. Saturday Morning

4. Leaves and Light

5. The Path

6. Down Stream

7. So Blue

8. In the Clearing

9. Angelus

10. The Ruins

11. Going Home

Second album

1. Through the Fields

2. What the Wind Said

3. Knock on the Door

4. On My Way

5. The Oar

6. Soon Over

7. People in the Streets

8. Little Train Goes Far

9. Fog

10. Towards the Nest

11. Round and Round

12. Oh, My Sisters

13. R.R. # 1

14. Be Well / Spring Water


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